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How To Create A Family Mission Statement

Does your family have a plan of where they're going as a group and how they're going to get there? A family vision is a picture that a family holds on to that helps them know why they would want to make changes as a family. And that's different than a family mission statement. 

A family mission statement is a statement that they say that explains to them how they are going to accomplish that family vision. This article is going to talk about how our family created a family mission statement that really worked. And I'll go into detail about the 6 steps that we took for making a really great mission statement. 

For multiple years, our family was working on a self-governing ourselves. And trying to become the best family that we could be. My husband and I had this picture in our minds of who we wanted to become as the Peck family. But we hadn't really articulated this picture to the children because it was just something that was our goal. And so, every time we would give them instruction or correct them, they would go with the flow on it. 

But they really weren't as fully invested as we wanted them to be. So, finally, we decided we needed to give them a view of this picture that we had created for our family. So, we shared with them a story that was going to take place in the future that we had created as a couple for our family vision. And I have other articles that talk about family visions. 

So, if you're a subscriber to this channel then you'll probably hear that article at some point along the way or go find it. Anyway, after we made the family vision and shared it with the children, then we knew we had started the ball rolling on getting them fully invested. 

We needed a statement, a family mission statement that could be said every day so that we would remember who we are, where we're going, and how we're going to get there. The location for the beginning of our family mission statement was kind of funny. It was on a car ride. We were going to Grandma's house for a Sunday dinner on a Sunday afternoon. 

We started discussing who our family really was and where we were going. And we shared our vision and then we said, "We need to make a statement of who we are as of this family and where we're going and how, more importantly, how we're going to get there." Because that's the difference between the mission and vision. Vision is why you care and what the picture is. And the mission is how you're going to accomplish it. 

So, I had a piece of paper handy and I said, "Okay, everybody. Tell me a list of words that describe how our family needs to behave with each other, needs to communicate, needs to problem-solve, needs to feel to become this family that's part of our family vision.

" So, from the car, people were throwing out different words and I was writing them all on a list. And as I wrote them down, I compared the ones that were like each other and got rid of ones that seemed too similar to others. And we put this together as a master list. Now, it's hard to say a list, that doesn't make as much sense. So, my husband took the list of words and he smithed them. 

He turned them into a workable document that we could use as a family to say every day. Then we presented it to our children and this started the process of the daily rendition of the Peck family mission statement. Which happens every single day after we say a prayer as a family. So, we're a praying family, we pray morning and night. 

After that morning prayer we just immediately start saying that Peck family mission statement. Before we told our children the dream that we had for our family and allowed them to invest in helping us make this mission statement, they didn't seem to really care as much about what we were doing as a family. 

But after we made the mission statement, all of a sudden, they took ownership of what we were doing as a family. And this was a powerful force for change in the Peck family culture. So, this is what we did: We took 6 simple steps to create a really effective family mission statement. 

Step number 1, we shared our parent's vision of what type of a family we were creating. And this involved a story that took place at a certain time in the future. Step 2, we had a meeting where we made a list of all of the words that we wanted to incorporate in our family mission statement that would explain how we were going to accomplish this vision for the Peck family. 

Step 3, we took the list and chose the most important words. And combined words that were like other words so that we could narrow it down to a more fine-tuned picture of how we were going to accomplish our vision goal. 

Step 5 was making the document. My husband took some time to form those lists of words that we had created into sentences that could be personalized for each of us. Step 5, we chose to speak in the present tense. Even though our vision was 20 years in the future when we originally made it, how we were going to get there needed to be happening each and every day. 

So, our Peck family mission statement says words like "we do", "we are". So that it speaks as if this is what we do right now today. The present tense is powerful. It tells the brain, "I am already acting on this." And that helps the person make choices that they wouldn't normally make if it's just hoping for the future." Step 6, we presented the document to the children in a family meeting. We have regular family meetings.

In one of these regular family meetings, we brought out documents that we had made beautiful. And we presented them to each of the children on these documents was written word for word the entire Peck family mission statement. 

We then practice saying it together, committed it to memory, and said it every day from then on. I know that even when my children are all gone from my home which is happening quicker than I would like. We will still say this. My husband and I will still pray for our family together each day and we will say the Peck family mission statement. 

Because it even applies to the 2 of us alone when the family is not here. And I hope that my children will think of making a mission statement for themselves when they are starting their families. You know, I've got an idea. I think I'm gonna go get Porter. He doesn't even know that he's going to get picked on. But I think I'm going to go and get him out of the room and have him come and say the Peck family mission statement for you. 

Because hearing it from him might even be better than hearing it from me. Alright. So, here's Porter. He is going to say with me the Peck family mission statement for you. Thank you for joining us, Porter. Yeah. Okay, Porter is sixteen. He's been saying this mission statement since probably he's been alive almost. 

I can't remember how old you were when we put it into action. You were probably a little toddler. So, I don't think he remembers a day not saying it, really. I mean, unless we just forgot that day which could happen if we were out of town or something happened. Anyway, okay. Ready, Porter? Here we go. Nice and clear. Okay. We, the Peck family will love support and be united with one another. 

We are dedicated to building an atmosphere of trust, faith, and learning in our home. We spread love and happiness to others. We know that we are children of God and endeavor to return to his presence as an eternal family. We have patience and wisdom in our relationships, 

Heavenly Father guides and loves each of us so that we can fulfill our life's missions. Yes! You did it. Awesome. Thanks for joining me. Sorry to pull you out of your room like that. But you can go and hide while I make the rest of the article. Okay. That was kind of fun, right? To hear from Porter. My children have to hide themselves out where they can be quiet and just accomplish a few things when I do these articles. 

So, he was definitely not expecting that. But you can see he knows it really well and we do say it every single day. There are many times where there have been arguments or moments that didn't go as smoothly in the family and I would say, "Remember how we the Peck family will love support and be united with one another?" And they'll say, "Oh, yeah." And I'll say, "Yeah, this doesn't feel very supported and united right now, does it?" "No, mom. It doesn't." And they know in their hearts that they need to make a change. 

Then we talk about what changes that they need to make. Self-government is what we teach in our home and what my programs are all about. And this family mission statement and vision that I've been discussing, are all about the hearts investing. 

The hearts uniting. The hearts changing together. That's what it's all about. It's just a good condition of the heart that's United with the family. And I hope your family can have that like mine does. I hope that you could feel when Porter was here with me what a good dynamic that we have in our relationship. How willing he is to just help me with something and how much that we really understand each other.

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