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How To Motivate Your Child: The Secret To Getting Your Kids To Do What You Want

What motivate your child to learn? multiple tips for how to motivate your child to learn, to have passion create the right environment for learning.

Find Their Motivation

Start off by getting their attention Know that there are many different motivators to use Many students enjoy completing a task, and enjoy studying. If you begin a task, make it so that they enjoy it. This could include giving them a really easy assignment, but one that they’re going to enjoy. You can do this in multiple ways. 

For example, you could have them fill out a crossword puzzle. Or you could give them a multiple-choice test and give them a bonus question. This is a great motivator, and it’s one that many students enjoy. Distract them from whatever might be annoying them Try to remove distractions Some students may love watching TV, so turn it off, and put a TV that’s not distracting in front of your child.

Create A Culture Of Learning

What kind of environment motivates your child to want to learn? Does your home have walls that haven’t been painted in 5 years? Do you have a refrigerator with a broken door? Are there holes in the walls? In fact, says Wharton, homeschooling families could be a model for how to improve our schools by helping families to create a “culture of learning”.

Teaching isn’t an easy career, and to make it look easy you need an environment that encourages and promotes self-directed learning, a lot of support, and a high level of parental involvement. That’s something I don’t see happening in the system anymore. No space for one-on-one learning There is no room in public education for one-on-one teaching, even with the best educators.

Invest In Your Child

An investment in your child's education can not only pay off in the long run, but it can make a lasting impression in your child's life, where they learn they are worth the investment, they belong.

Make It Fun

Have your child learn through play. Get down on their level, get their attention, and make it exciting. When they’re playing with a toy they like, put your phone away and watch them learn through play. Try everything from snapping a balloon with your child to playing a game of Cat and Mouse.

Also, sometimes a good distraction is all it takes. And, don’t forget to take time to yourself. Include the natural consequences You don’t always need to be over-reactive. The natural consequences of our actions are a good motivator for our kids to have better behavior. Their behavior is worse if they do not obey. We don’t need to tell them, they see it.

Ask Their Opinion

Give your child the power to create their own education Have positive goals Show them how learning works Limit distractions Show your child how they can use technology to learn The above tips will help you to keep your child's attention, provide quality time and eventually foster an active lifelong learner.

Discuss Current Events

You may have a set conversation about current events on occasion and on occasion, you may choose to veer off course and delve into other topics. You want to be able to easily choose how you’d like to relate to your child and still get the information you want to give them. 

Offer opportunities to ask questions When your child asks you questions about a current event, respond to each inquiry to help them understand. Having an open conversation about current events helps children understand a broader range of information and allows them to explore their own beliefs and form new ideas. 

Join your child in the conversation You may have a specific goal for what you want them to learn, but if you leave it to chance, they won’t be able to succeed in reaching that goal.


By the end of the book, you'll have not only learned a ton about how to educate your child from a research perspective but also how to put your new knowledge into practice, creating your own educational approach. There are a ton of great reasons to have the right education system in place, but the only reason to not do so is if you don't know what to do. Knowing is half the battle.

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