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How To Discipline A Teenager Who Doesn't Care

How To Discipline A Teenager Who Doesn't Care. Building a comprehensive approach to discipline doesn’t just involve those responsible for disciplining. More importantly, if your child does not care, you might want to put more emphasis on why and less on consequences.

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To help you find effective ways to discipline your teen, try to implement some of the practices below. Pretty smart, when you think about it. If someone constantly punishes you to bend you to their will, do you think you will just gladly accept and comply all the time?

Stop treating your child as a lab animal!

Wait ’til things cool off. The following are some ways to discipline your defiant teenager rationally: The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed a.

He says he doesn't care.

Education should be the most important part of the consequence of a discipline infraction. Negotiation is a good thing. Natural consequences are those that result from a teen’s actions themselves.

They want you to believe that it will be ineffective.

When your child was younger, you probably used a range of discipline strategies to teach them. Have an honest conversation with your teenager to find out what they care about. Our 14 year old son doesn't seem to mind getting bad grades.

If your son is apathetic about everything, you should first consider if he's depressed.

These are some of the teenage discipline strategies that you can try when your teenager doesn’t care about consequences. Some parents will overlook when their teenager repeats an act they have been told not to and will warn them again and again. Parenting for brain does not provide medical advice.

The number one piece of advice for parents on how to deal with a teenager who doesn’t care is to keep the lines of communication open.

Have as few rules as possible. Discipline strategies for teenagers 1. Without more details it is difficult to determine what might be going on.

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