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How To Deal With Children's Irrational Fears

How To Deal With Children's Irrational Fears. As a result, the phobia becomes increasingly scarier and more daunting in your mind. According to better health channel, if kids are forced to face their irrational fear when they are not ready, it can make the situation worse.

how to deal with child fear
how to deal with child fear from

Don't shame a child for their fears. As a result, the phobia becomes increasingly scarier and more daunting in your mind. And what's more, a fear is just that:

Like fear , it all comes down to gradual exposure.

Help your child to deal with fear by taking their feelings seriously, encouraging them to talk about their anxieties, telling them the facts and giving them the opportunity to confront their fears at their own pace and with your support. The first piece of advice when it comes to helping your child overcome irrational fears is to respect his or her opinion. Telling a child their fears are unreasonable or simply saying, don't worry, won't help a child leave those fears behind.

Here are some things you can try to help calm them.

For example, if kids are afraid of the dark, making them sleep in the dark right off the bat would be traumatizing and cruel. Before you can begin to deal with your fears, you first need to begin to understand fear itself. Minde says by refusing to fixate on the fear, you help your child put it in perspective and give more focus to important and pleasant aspects of life.

Instead, chipping away at the fear can make it more manageable to handle.

Irrational fears are those fears that may or may not have any real basis in reality but still scare you anyway. Persistent fears in children can be treated in much the same way as they are in adults; Validate your child's emotions through empathy and calm confidence.

A child's world is full of dangers, real and imaginary, that many adults forget they ever experienced.

Take a deep breath and give your child a temporary distraction to get through that moment. When someone is being irrational, they don’t listen to reason, logic, or even common sense. You never get the chance to learn how to cope with your fears and experience control over the situation.

If it were that easy, few children would be fearful.

Some very common phobias in children are phobias of dogs, water, storms and lightening, bugs, heights. Tiger can’t sleep is a children’s story book that helps children cope with a fear of the dark. However, as children’s fears are often volatile and transitory the child’s previous record with fears should be considered before launching into an elaborate treatment programme.

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