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How To Discipline Your Child When They Lie

How To Discipline Your Child When They Lie. Once you understand why your child is lying, you can address that need and reduce the lying. You may, for an introductory period of time, in order to motivate repentance when confronted, withhold further discipline if a child responds properly to correction.

4 effective ways to discipline your child
4 effective ways to discipline your child from

'the boy who cried wolf’ is an obvious example. Avoid phrases like “stop being a liar and tell me what happened….” or “tell me why you did this right now and then you are grounded until tomorrow.” My son is almost nine.

What to do if you catch your child in a lie.

When you catch your child’s lie don’t question him/her. Here’s the rub though, your little one might be a clever one, but the kids who can get the hang of lying early, and are able to use this information to progress their cause, might be more likely to lie in the future. When your child is caught in a lie, explain to him how it hurts him as well as you.

Calmly ask questions to understand the.

Listen to all sides of the story. But focus on teaching responsibility and honesty, rather than on blaming or shaming your child. Keeping your tone calm and compassionate also helps.

Talk with your spouse or a trusted friend or family member and come up with a game plan.

Children are curious, and we want to encourage their learning. Especially when dealing with children under the age of three, let them know that there are facts. If you can admit it was a lie and that you were wrong when i confront you, i will not further discipline you for that lie.

Holding them responsible is crucial.

So…if your adhd child is lying to you, count to 10, take a big breath and consider the possibilities. If you are angry, yelling, or threatening, your child will feel less comfortable coming clean. Listening and accepting keep the conversation positive.

Share experiences from your past instead of.

Parents should also consider that a child with adhd may not have purposely planned the lie or lied on purpose, and while the situation may call for some kind of discipline, it also calls for understanding. Allow yourself time to think about how to handle the situation. If you catch your child lying, don’t let it.

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