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Teaching Kids To Wipe With Balloons

Teaching Kids To Wipe With Balloons. The students are also sitting on chairs with balloons as the teacher. Reply thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0.

Teacher's bottom wiping viral video divides the
Teacher's bottom wiping viral video divides the from

Whether you are toilet training your toddler or want to teach your older child, this post will teach you how to teach your child to wipe their bottom. Usually, parents teach their kids how to wipe their butts. Buttons and zips are best kept to a minimum when teaching toileting.

A preschool teacher went viral on twitter because of her unique and fun way of teaching children how to wipe their bums.

Really, what good is a parent today? Buttons and zips are best kept to a minimum when teaching toileting. The video where a teacher uses balloons to show kids how to wipe went viral.

So, if they’ve wiped, they need to fold it over or get a new piece.

This is so funny subscribe comment like share for more The lesson was captured on film and the female teacher creatively used balloons as her props. Although we think this is a great teachable moment, we noticed the balloons are positioned higher than their actual bum would be.

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Each child sits on a chair behind of which hangs a couple of balloons mimicking the buttocks. Smear a small amount of peanut butter on it, and have them practice removing the peanut butter with the toilet paper and wipes while attempting to keep their hands clean. Next, make sure you are talking your child through what she’s doing the same way you did with the other steps.

In a kindergarten in japan, the teacher shows the children how to wipe at the toilet.

Amazing teacher uses balloons to teach young kids how to wipe their butts. How to teach kids to wipe their butt: A preschool teacher’s video instructing kids to wipe using balloons has gone viral.

This involves being able to reach behind themselves, being able to turn their hand, and knowing where to wipe. You don’t want your kid to learn to just wipe the top of their bum. Each tiny child also had two “balloon butts” attached to the back of their chair.

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