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How To Talk To Kids About Disabilities

How To Talk To Kids About Disabilities. Present information about your child's disability in a matter of fact manner. Disability, special needs, even the names of specific disabilities, like down syndrome, autism, etc.

How to talk to children about disabilities Sunrise Medical
How to talk to children about disabilities Sunrise Medical from

When your child asks a question about someone with a disability consider it an opportunity to talk about a new and interesting topic rather than turning disability into a topic to be avoided. I’m not the elephant in the room. Talk about disabilities in a positive way.

Teaching children about special needs and disabilities.

Michelle sie whitten of the global down syndrome foundation talks about teaching kids compassion, and how parents can put disabilities in context. And oftentimes, a lot of these weird, quirky kids end up being the target of bullying. You can say the word ‘disabled’.

Kids with disabilities want to be treated like everyone else.

(3) talk about their strengths. A sad reality, especially when i'm raising an autistic kid. When it’s ok to give yourself time to come to terms with the diagnosis.

Talking to children about disability seems harder, perhaps because we, too, have so much left to learn.

I’m not the elephant in the room. Two specific examples may make this clearer. Particularly if you aren’t disabled yourself (and even if you are), it can be difficult to know how to talk to nondisabled children about disabilities.

24 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”. Some disabilities, such as speech delays, sensory integration. Which bring us back to this:

It’s ok to teach children the right words to talk about our differences:

Get the best news, information. Give your child the language to use to talk about someone who has a learning disability or a physical disability. Give direct answers to your child’s inquiry.

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