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How To Talk To Kids About Tragedies

How To Talk To Kids About Tragedies. Pay attention to your feelings and lean on loved ones or talk to a mental health provider. Secure them with a warm cuddle and remind them that they are safe.

How to talk to children about disasters First Five Years
How to talk to children about disasters First Five Years from

Let your child lead the discussion and only answer questions that they ask. How to talk to your child about tragedies and upsetting news. If you stay calm and rational, they will, too.

Talking to gradeschool children & teens.

Be honest, yet optimistic when our kids approach us wanting to know how sick people are getting from this virus, it’s okay to be honest about what we know and about what we don’t know. While some children may repeatedly ask the same questions, others may repeat the same statements about the tragedy. This list of resources from reputable organizations can help families, educators and anyone working with children talk to kids about tragedies and violence.

The morning news on the radio or on tv is often filled with violent stories of tragedies, violence and suffering.

Creating an “i remember book.” If you stay calm and rational, they will, too. When tragedies occur, children wonder if the same event could happen in their hometown.

Stress that your family is safe.

Help your kids to verbalize their feelings with you. This will enable you to care for your child and. Limit your younger children’s television viewing and try to limit their online news.

It’s okay to say, “i don't know, or “good question, let me find out.”.

So before you even think about talking to your children, attempt steps 1 and 2 first. What you say and how you say it depends very much on your individual child. “what do you think happened?” and then listen carefully.

Rogers’s core advice to parents was always to talk less and listen more, and in conversations with children about tragedies, he suggests asking children:

Following tragedies, the media often plays and replays graphic video. Keep things in perspective and remind them that not all people are harmful towards others. If it was an act of nature that could not be repeated in your area, tell children that.

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