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Teaching Kids How To Use The Bible

Teaching Kids How To Use The Bible. Many short activities are better than a few long activities. Direct children to the table of contents at the front of their bibles.

Books of the Bible 12Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
Books of the Bible 12Week Children's Ministry Curriculum from

Show them how the bible is broken into 2 sections (old and new testament) and 66 books. Using bible skills with kids developing bible skills with kids takes place every time they use their bibles. Explain that there are important facts that we should know about the bible.

Make copies of the contents pages from a bible (1 per student).

Take time to discuss each of the following facts: • as girls and boys gather, they can place the book cards The truth is, you don’t find books of the bible from a 10 minute activity one day, it’s practice over time, just like any skill.

The most precious time of our day for me is the morning when we’ve finished breakfast and we sit down with our bibles, our bible road trip™ notebooking journals, our supporting resources, and our bible road trip™ curriculum and we read together.

Music is one of the most powerful teaching tools you can use. Sword drills (where everyone competes to see who can find the reference first) are a fun way of helping children learn their bibles. Teach kids that god wants us to know what is in the bible and where we can find it.

Watch a bible story on rightnow media.

Teaching kids to use their bibles (even before they can read) next to a saving relationship with jesus christ, the most important thing we can give the kids who pass through our children’s ministries is an understanding of how to use their bibles. However, just as there are fun ways to teach kids the books of the bible, there are fun ways to teach how the bible is organized as well. Take a book of the bible, read a few verses each night together, and work your way through it.

When your child reads god’s word, it’s an opportunity for them to draw closer to jesus.

As they become good at this skill the next step will be finding chapters in the book, then chapter and verse. Allow the children to use their bibles to help them answer questions. Teach them about the table of contents.

Read, rewrite, restate, relate and respond.

Adam and eve, noah and the ark, zacchaeus and the sycamore tree, jonah and the great fish, or jesus. Using index cards, print one book of the bible on each card. Don’t forget to check out my freebie down below!

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