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Teaching Kids To Write Letters

Teaching Kids To Write Letters. Children love to get letters, too. There is printable writing paper for kids, topic ideas and even instructions to create your.

Learning the Alphabet Teaching the alphabet, Learning
Learning the Alphabet Teaching the alphabet, Learning from

Kids learn to write letters. Therapists recommend teaching kids to write the upper case letters before the lowercase letters for developmental reasons, but kids should be taught that there are corresponding upper/lowercase letters. Teaching kids to write thank you letters is an important skill, but it also helps build into the character development of our children.

Start by reading children’s books filled with letter writing and use them as examples!

Our collection of free writing worksheets starts with helping build the fine motor skills necessary to become an early writing. It gives kids practice expressing themselves in a clear manner. Here are some multisensory activities you can use when you are teaching your child the letters and sounds of the alphabet:

Check out our comprehensive collection of printables for teaching preschool and kindergarten children the alphabet.

Explore 30,000+ activities on This important action can be taught at a young age, and it also shows kids how to be thankful. We are just talking about actually teaching the letter formation here.

It is something very special and very personal.

Go in the order of difficulty: With practice, sometimes the letter sound is all that’s needed. Then invite the child to trace the number.

Explore 30,000+ activities on

Start with straight letters, then curvy ones, and end. Here are a few ways: Cue your child to start “at the top” as they form letters.

Packed with visual imagery and sound effects to keep.

Pair up with your child and write letters on each other’s back with a finger. Flour on the kitchen counter. This awareness is necessary, too!

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