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How To Talk To Your Child If They Are Being Bullied

How To Talk To Your Child If They Are Being Bullied. They can also practice grabbing your attention (“excuse me, i have a safety problem”), and then switch roles while you play the anxious, troubled kid, and they play the busy adult. Start by explaining to your child that when you tease, insult, threaten, mock, speak mean to or spread rumors about someone with the intent to belittle or embarrass them, it’s considered bullying.

Signs your kid is getting bullied
Signs your kid is getting bullied from

Focus on making them feel heard and supported, instead of trying to find the cause of the bullying or trying to solve the problem. They make it easier for your children to turn to you if they witness or experience bullying. Your child might be embarrassed, think you won’t believe them, won’t be able to help, or that you could make things worse by interfering.

Instead, you will respond calmly.

If you find out your child is bullying, it’s important to know that bullying is a behavior and that behavior can be changed. It also includes hitting, punching, kicking, biting or physically hurting another person in any way. Tell your kids to talk to you or another adult if they are being bullied or witness someone else being bullied.

How to tell if your child is being bullied.

For others, the bullying either shifted online, or began online. Often, they have no idea that their child is exhibiting these behaviors. Call or set up an appointment to talk with their teacher.

Check in with your children daily and ask about their time at school and their online activities.

Ask kids to take turns being the bully/bullied. Explain to your child that teasing and bullying is always wrong. Talk with your kid’s/teen’s school.

If your child shows bullying behavior… 1.

Parents often ask me how they can know if a child is being bullied when the child doesn’t want to talk. Tell your child that there is strength in numbers; Assure them that you love them that this is not your fault and you will help them.

What should i do if my child is being bullied or threatened?

At home or anywhere you have downtime, you can walk through various bullying scenarios. Explore being an active bystander with your child. Our page on taking action against bullying gives you tips for how to talk about this.

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